Wednesday, April 3, 2013

KSRTC conductor accused of harassing differently abled passenger

MANJESHWAR : A conductor of a KSRTC bus operating on the Mangalore-Kasargod route has been accused of trying to misuse funds without issuing ticketsto passengers.
Nasser, a differently abled man who had travelled in the bus along with his family on the night of March 26, Tuesday, has made this allegation.
It is learnt, Nasser’s family had boarded the bus (KA 19-2785) at the Mangalore Depot at 7.55 pm that day as it had to go upto Udyavar. When the conductor approached Nasser, he had passed a Rs 100 currency note to him. The conductor had duly returned a change of Rs 45.
However, when the passengers asked for the ticket, the conductor instead of issuing a ticket asked them not to bother as no one will come for a checking ‘Moreover, I have given you discount in fare,” he is reported to have said.
But when Nasser and his family insisted that a ticket be issued, the conductor only tried to preach them stating the government would not have to lose anything much and that the Kerala passengers need not worry abot Karnataka.
It is learnt the conductor issued the ticket after the passengers threatened to lodge a complaint with the authorities.
Nasser who gave the above information to The Canara Times, has also said that he would lodge complaint with the Karnataka Transport Minister and senior officials of the KSRTC.

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